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Why Should I choose CS Photography ?

DELIVERY DELIVERY DELIVERY!!!!!!  Same day to next day scheduling!  Your will receive your final edited photos via dropbox by 9am the following day!  We have secure access to SUPRA for entry into home.


How do I order a shoot ?

You can call our direct line or text in a request at 314-443-7173.  You may also send an email request at!


How long before you can photograph my request?

Most shoots will be taken within a day or two of booking!  Weather pending!


How do I receive the photos?

All images are shared via dropbox.  Free to join, and it is the most secure way to share photos.  You can download all images directly from your shared dropbox folder.


What is the expectation of the homeowner?

I have a Pre-Photo Shoot Checklist I can send to you via pdf to share with your client.  That helps the client prepare for the photo shoot.  It sets the expectation to remove all clutter so we can provide a quality finished product!


How long does the photo shoot take?

A photo shoot can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours pending on the size of the job.  Most real estate shoots take about 30-90 minutes.